BGMI New Royal Pass M6 Released

BGMI Royal Pass M6 Vailidaty, What is Offer Royal Pass M6

BGMI has released the new Royale Pass M6. What is available in this Royal Pass? And how to upgrade Royale Pass. Or I am going to tell in this post the details of the new Royal pass to buy.

BGMI Royal Pass M6 Vailidaty

The validity of BGMI Royal Pass M6 will be 30 days. Has been released on 20 December 2021. This means the BGMI Royale Pass M7 should be released on January 18th.

What is offered in BGMI Royal Pass M6

The BGMI Royal Pass M6 is completely covered in snow. Christmas is coming ahead. That’s why all the dresses are like Christmas. Winter is going on, so the skin, helmet, dress of the gun has been molded according to the season. Well you all know that once you get the Royal Pass, you do not have to take the Royal Pass of the second season. Like if you took BGMI Royal Pass M5 then you had to complete 47 RP to get into M6.

RPoffered prize in BGMI Royal Pass M6
1stmerry yeti set
5thmerry yeti headgear
10thjolly festival helmet
20thmerry yeti uaz(van scean)
30thmerry yeti ornament (bag )
30thmythic emote
50thfrozen guardian set (dress)

BGMI New Royal Pass M6 Released

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