Fujiyama Launches Five New Electric Scooters in India with Up to 140km Real-World Range!

Fujiyama, an Indian electric vehicle (EV) brand, has recently launched five new electric scooters in India.


  • The EV startup has launched four low-speed electric scooters and a high-speed electric scooter
  • The low-speed models are called Spectra Pro, Spectra, Vespar, and Thunder and the high-speed model is called the Ozone+
  • Fujiyama claims to have the technology and design at its core
Fujiyama Launches Five New Electric Scooters in India with Up to 140km Real-World Range!

The company hopes to gain a share of the growing EV market in the country. Four of the newly launched scooters are low-speed models named Spectra Pro, Spectra, Vespar, and Thunder. The fifth model, the Ozone+, is a high-speed electric scooter.

Fujiyama claims that its technology and design are the core strengths of these scooters, and they offer up to 140km of real-world range.

The low-speed models come with a 250W BLDC motor, which is paired with a 1.34-1.56kWh Li-ion battery pack.

They promise to deliver up to 90km of range, and their detachable battery packs can be charged within 4 to 5 hours using a home charger.

The electric scooters feature an LCD display and LED lighting. Being low-speed models, they don’t require registration or a driving license to use.

The high-speed Ozone+ electric scooter combines retro-themed styling with a powerful 1.6kW motor.

It’s equipped with a 60V/42AH (Li-ion) battery pack and can develop up to 3.7kW of power in its maximum state of tune.

It also features disc brakes on both front and rear wheels, an LCD display, LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, and other connected features.

Fujiyama has priced its electric scooters from Rs 49,499 up to Rs 99,999.

The company plans to launch a new electric bike priced at Rs 99,999 soon.

It also aims to expand its dealership network from 140+ locations to 500+ in FY24.

The company plans to establish three new production facilities in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh in 2025, with a capacity of producing 60,00,000 units annually.

In conclusion, Fujiyama’s launch of five new electric scooters in India showcases the company’s ambition to tap into the growing EV market.

With their technology, design, and promising range, these electric scooters could be a good option for people looking to switch to sustainable mobility.

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Fujiyama Launches Five New Electric Scooters in India with Up to 140km Real-World Range!

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