Honda Launching Two Electric Scooters by 2024 with Swappable Batteries

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has announced its plan to make an entry into the Indian electric vehicle (EV) industry. The company has laid out a comprehensive strategy that covers manufacturing, product, and support.

Honda Launching Two Electric Scooters by 2024 with Swappable Batteries

Honda aims to launch its first electric scooter with a fixed battery in FY24, followed by a second electric scooter with swappable battery technology towards the end of 2024. Both models will be produced in India.

The Japanese two-wheeler giant intends to set up a dedicated EV production facility at its Narsapura plant in Karnataka, called Factory ‘E’, to cater to the electric two-wheeler market.

Honda will manufacture its electric motors in-house and is planning to produce 1 million units by 2030. Batteries and power control units will be sourced locally from Honda’s associate suppliers. The company will use its new Platform E architecture, which will underpin its upcoming electric two-wheelers.

The new underpinnings will be customizable and able to accommodate a variety of powertrain arrangements. The first electric scooter from Honda is expected to be called the Honda Activa Electric, which will have a fixed battery setup and is referred to as a “mid-range” product. It is expected to launch in FY2024 and could potentially compete with more fuel-efficient alternatives such as the Ola S1 Air.

Honda’s second electric scooter will have swappable battery technology and is expected to launch towards the end of 2024. Honda’s support strategy involves setting up battery-swapping stations across its 6,000+ touchpoints all over the country.

The company plans to convert its service centers to EV-only workshops, termed as Workshop ‘E’. Customers will also have the flexibility to charge their fixed-battery EVs at such workshops. Currently, Honda has 23 battery-swapping outlets in Bengaluru, as part of Phase 1 of the plan. The company intends to expand this network to other southern Indian states as part of Phase 2 and eventually implement it across other states in the country.

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Honda Launching Two Electric Scooters by 2024 with Swappable Batteries


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