OpenAI Announces GPT4, a Multi-Modal AI Combining Text and Images for Advanced Insights

In a groundbreaking announcement, OpenAI has revealed the development of GPT4, the latest iteration of its language model. GPT4 is a multi-modal AI that combines text with images to provide even more comprehensive responses to questions.

GPT 3  vs GPT 4 ;image source @mrgreen
GPT 3 vs GPT 4 ;image source @mrgreen

With the integration of images, GPT4 can analyze visual content and provide insights that go beyond text-based information. This marks a significant breakthrough in AI technology, as it moves towards a more human-like ability to process and interpret data.

To help understand the capabilities of GPT4, OpenAI has released a comparison chart of its previous model, GPT3, and a human’s capabilities. The chart shows that GPT4 outperforms GPT3 in areas such as reasoning, general knowledge, and language understanding. While still not quite on par with a human’s abilities, the advancements made with GPT4 bring AI closer than ever before.

The ability to combine text and images to answer questions is a significant advancement that could have far-reaching implications. For example, it could be used in healthcare to analyze medical images and provide more accurate diagnoses. In education, it could help students learn complex concepts by providing visual aids alongside text-based explanations.

OpenAI has not yet announced when GPT4 will be available to the public or what specific industries it will be most applicable to. However, the announcement has already generated significant excitement among those interested in AI and its potential applications.

As AI continues to evolve, it’s becoming clear that the future will be shaped by these technologies. With GPT4, we’re one step closer to a world where AI can not only understand language but also comprehend visual content, making it an even more powerful tool for humans to utilize.

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