Revolutionizing Safety: Tesla’s Mind-Blowing Model 3 Upgrade Will Blow Your Mind!

Tesla’s latest approach to the Model 3, nicknamed “Highland,” is more than just an impressive upgrade; it marks a significant stride in pedestrian safety. Beyond enhancing the interior aesthetics and reducing ride noise, a notable enhancement is the introduction of the “Active Hood” feature, specifically designed to protect pedestrians in the event of collisions.


Imagine this: the car’s hood automatically rises upon impact to safeguard pedestrians nearby. This safety feature activates during collisions with pedestrians at speeds ranging from 30 to 52 kilometers per hour. In the event of a collision, the rear part of the hood elevates approximately 80 millimeters, serving as a protective buffer for the pedestrian’s head. This innovation not only reflects Tesla’s commitment to safety but also emphasizes a crucial aspect of vehicle design often overlooked: pedestrian protection.

The Model 3’s safety features extend further. An interesting addition is the inclusion of metal hooks on the lower part of the doors, ensuring their stability during crashes and thereby enhancing the overall structural integrity of the vehicle. This considerate design choice underscores Tesla’s comprehensive approach to safety, addressing the well-being of both occupants and external individuals.

Intriguingly, the Model 3 also prioritizes driver safety with the introduction of a novel feature – the “Driver Drowsiness Warning.” Using the cabin-facing camera, this system monitors the driver’s yawning and blink rate, providing alerts for potential fatigue. This proactive approach to ensuring driver alertness could prove pivotal in preventing accidents caused by drowsiness.

While these features are currently available in European models, they are anticipated to be included in North American versions soon. Tesla goes beyond simply manufacturing cars; they are dedicated to ensuring the safety of everyone on the road, one step at a time.

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