Tecno Spark 20 Pro Launched Mind-Blowing Features

Tecno just launched the Spark 20 Pro in the Philippines, and it’s an improved version of the Spark 19 Pro. Let’s find out what makes this new phone special.

Tecno Spark 20 Pro
Tecno Spark 20 Pro

Big Screen and Cool Design

The Spark 20 Pro has a big 6.78-inch screen that looks awesome. It has a small hole in the middle for important stuff, and the screen is super clear and smooth. The phone has a flat shape with a fingerprint scanner on the side. The back looks fancy with a square camera that has three lenses.

Take Awesome Pictures

Tecno spark 20 pro camera
Tecno spark 20 pro camera

The Spark 20 Pro has three cameras on the back, and the main one is super powerful with 108 megapixels. This means your pictures will be really detailed. The front camera is good too, with 32 megapixels for great selfies.

Works Really Well

Inside, the Spark 20 Pro is like a little computer. It uses a Helio G99 chip, which makes everything run fast. You get 8GB of memory, which is like the phone’s brain, and lots of space (256GB) to keep your stuff. The battery is big too, so it lasts a long time, and you can charge it really fast.

Cool Extras

The Spark 20 Pro has some extra cool things. It uses the latest Android software, and there’s 4G for fast internet. It has a special port, a headphone jack, and it can handle a bit of water and dust. Plus, the sound is really good with two speakers.

Great Price and Looks

Guess what? The Spark 20 Pro doesn’t cost a lot – just PHP 5,599 (~$100) in the Philippines. You can get it in black, white, pink, or green with a special texture. So, if you want a good phone that looks nice and does a lot of cool things, the Tecno Spark 20 Pro might be just right for you!

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